Visual Effects and Animations

Ripple Effect #

Turns on a wave-like visual effect to the clicks on the following elements:

  • Menu items in the header
  • "Full Screen" Search in the header
  • "Back to top" button
  • Button with link
  • Image with link
  • Column with link
  • Interactive Banner with link
  • IconBox with link and "Solid Circle" icon style
  • Social Links
  • Sharing Buttons
  • Message Box close icon
  • Tabs
  • Vertical Tabs
  • Post Prev/Next Navigation with "Sided" layout
  • Grid items, if the "Overriding Link" option is set to the "Post Link" value
  • Filter items in Grid

Check how it looks on and

Smooth Scroll #

Some clickable theme elements (links, buttons, menu items, etc.) allow smooth scrolling of a page to a specific section/element (by the ID option). This option allows changing its duration.

Change the Smooth Scroll Duration by using the relevant slider (the default value is 1000ms):

Page Scroller #

The Page Scroller is used to jump between page sections/rows by mouse scroll wheel or by a swipe gesture on touch screens. Example

General settings #

  • Disable scrolling at width — set disable scrolling on some devices by screen width. Set to 300px to work on all mobile devices. When screen width is less than this value, scrolling by rows will be disabled
  • Scroll Speed — set custom scrolling speed (1000ms by default)
  • Show Navigation Dots — ON/OFF checkbox allows to set option for navigation dots
  • Dots Style — choose dots style from the list "1", "2", "3", "4"
  • Dots Position — set dots position as "Left" or "Right"
  • Dots Size — set dots custom size (examples: 16px, 1.2rem, max( 1rem, 1vw ), 10px by default)
  • Dots Color — set dots custom color
  • Show dots for Footer — ON/OFF checkbox allows to show dots in the Footer