Impreza has a lot of built-in content elements that you can add via the content editor. Most of elements work in both Live Editor and WPBakery, and they are interchangeable, you can switch between builders while editing.

Which Elements Can I Add? #

Impreza allows the use of 63 content elements. You can see the complete list while using the visual content editors.

Browsing the Multi-Purpose demo site, you can find live examples of every element. Each element has a separate page with examples. You can also check the catalog of all demo sites for more element use and design examples. You can copy any section of the demo site with the elements you like and paste it into your site.

How to Edit Page Elements? #

Every element has several groups of settings. You can use them separately, which allows you to create a unique appearance and design.

WordPress stores the settings of all elements as shortcodes. You can always open your page with the Classic Mode > Text editor and copy the shortcode of the element. You can save such a shortcode to use in the future or paste it to your other site.

Example: button shortcode

Design Settings #

The Design settings tab is a number of CSS-based properties with simplified controls, allowing you to adjust the element's visual appearance. 

You can copy and paste Design settings and specify them for all devices or separately for desktops / laptops / tablets / mobiles using the relevant icon.

Additionally, you can use relevant Design settings to assign a custom CSS class and ID for the element, and specify if you want to hide the element for certain devices (hide on desktop / laptops / tablets / mobiles). 

Custom HTML Attributes #

While editing Design settings, you can also specify custom HTML attributes for the element' main container.

Activate the relevant switch, press the Add button, and specify the name and value.


Example of the custom HTML attribute added to the column element.