Page Builders

Live Builder #

Live Builder is a convenient visual editing mode that comes with an Impreza theme.

Switching to "Live builder" mode #

There are three ways to switch to the "Live builder" mode:

1. Switching through the "Pages" section in the "Admin panel Wp".

2. Switching via the corresponding "Edit live" button on the edit page.

3. Switching when viewing the page in the top "Admin panel WP".

Top menu for adding elements #

View Page — view the page in user mode;

Edit page in Backend — switching to "Backend" editing mode;

Go to Theme Options — go over the theme options page;

Paste Row/Section — "classic" editing mode via changing shortcodes in real time;

Exit to dashboard — exit the "Live builder" mode.

Adding elements #

Adding elements is done by dragging from the side menu to the workspace. A search is provided in the upper panel to quickly find the necessary element.

When you switch to editing an element, the element settings open instead of a menu with elements.

Switching the settings tabs is similar to "WPBakery Page Builder". To add a new item, click on the "+" in the top menu bar.

Lower menu panel #

Page Settings — additional page settings;

Page Custom CSS — adding custom CSS for this page;

Adaptive device configuration — configuring the display of site elements on different devices;

Step back — to go back a step from the current edit;

Step forward — move on step forward from the current edit;

Preview changes — preview of the site page in user modePreview of the site page in user mode;

Update — saving/updating changes on the site page.

WPBakery Page Builder #

WPBakery Page Builder is bundled into the theme, so you don't need to buy it separately. This premium plugin allows to build layout of your website pages.

To use a page builder just click on the "Backend Editor" button when editing a page:


Do I need the WPBakery Page Builder to create/edit content with Impreza? #

The WPBakery plugin is not required. You can use our Live Builder to build all website pages. These two builders are made to be interchangeable. I.e. page created in one of the builders can be edited just fine in the other.

How to activate WPBakery Page Builder? #

You don't need to activate the WPBakery, it works with Impreza by default as bundled addon. You just need to activate the Impreza in order to receive the WPBakery updates.

How to enable WPBakery Page Builder for the portfolio, posts, products, and page blocks? #

To activate the WPBakery Page Builder for the Portfolio Items, Posts or Products go to WPBakery Page Builder > Role Manager and select the corresponding checkboxes there:


Can I use standalone WPBakery Page Builder, with all its features? # #

First of all, you need to know that there is no difference between:

  • WPBakery Page Builder archive, which is bundled with Impreza.
  • WPBakery Page Builder archive, which is downloaded from the CodeCanyon site.

They are absolutely identical.

But Impreza slightly changes the original plugin functionality due to performance and compatibility reasons, specifically the theme:

  1. Adds own options and removes non-compatible options for some elements such as Row and Column.
  2. Disables some original content elements which are similar to the theme elements.
  3. Disables Grid Builder and related content elements (Media Grid, Post Grid, Media Masonry Grid, Masonry Post Grid).
  4. Modifies WPBakery Page Builder interface for better user experience.

If you want to enable the 2nd and 3rd points from the list above then navigate to Theme Options > Advanced Settings > Website Performance and turn off the "Disable extra features of WPBakery Page Builder" option.

How to enable missing content elements? #

Extra features of WPBakery Page Builder will reduce your website load speed and performance. Also, some of WPBakery elements could be not fully supported by Impreza and not styled properly.

Some of content elements which comes with WPBakery Builder are disabled by default. Check the screenshot with those elements:


You can enable them on Impreza > Theme Options > Advanced by turning off the "Disable extra features of WPBakery Page Builder" switch: