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Footer 2 mins ago elming87 3
Logos not aligning properly 23 mins ago In-house Recruitment 6
Screenshots in changelog 43 mins ago Artem 7
Infinite loop setting disappeared after updating the theme to 8.11 55 mins ago Galupsrl 1
Grid filter styling broken when forms are disabled resolved 1 hour ago Maciej 17
Product ordering doesn't work on a category page WooCommerce 1 hour ago danielnr87 90
Missing options in WP Bakery 1 hour ago Aleksandr 22
Grid/List: Opening element changes Gap between Items from rem to px 1 hour ago Egor 11
How to make carousel slide based on inner column? 1 hour ago nwnuyhs 1
Unable to update Advanced Custom Fields PRO 2 hours ago Artem 50
Copy current state of the grid and pass it to other variable 2 hours ago Artem 17
image links dont work 2 hours ago Markus 18
Unable to upgrade ACF Pro 6 plugin 2 hours ago Artem 41
Grid within a grid resolved 3 hours ago mabrams 26
Date and author not showing on blog search results 3 hours ago Evgeniya 75
Where to insert Google Analytics and Meta Pixel tracking code 3 hours ago Evgeniya 1
Unable to demo paste an Impreza template that we brought to my wp site 3 hours ago Egor 1
I coudnt configurate a page 3 hours ago Evgeniya 2
grid layout partially loses css style 5 hours ago BesserMitButter 92
Data layer product page 5 hours ago Stefanoosterbaan 33
Hi i have licence for imreza 8.1 why cant i activate 3.6 version while not updatedto 8.1 as website gets all screwed up when upload newer theme so how can i get current 3.6 activated as lost activation stuff 17 hours ago chiuvas 1
Grid filter - disable multiple options selection 17 hours ago Gaspynko 1
Sticky menu not sticky after update 22 hours ago PrinzL4 10
Grid : Grid gap between items for 1 column is different 23 hours ago Steve M 11
site speed performance issue 1 day ago pando-2018 1
Accordion element: Add Display Logic to accordion sections 1 day ago Steve M 11
Tabs element: Add Display Logic to tab sections 1 day ago Steve M 11
Timing conditions to display elements resolved 1 day ago Aleksandr 10
Video player not showing ACF field after 8.11 update 1 day ago Aleksandr 88
Image Box Shadow design option does not accept single negative values 2 days ago Aleksandr 5
Content Template: Add Content Template Body Class 2 days ago Steve M 27
Grid/ Listing Element: with "Link to a post" add option (x) Open in new window 2 days ago Steve M 11
Video Player Element: Add full screen video & row background option 2 days ago Steve M 11
I can't install plugins! resolved 2 days ago stevee79 9
no allow me to install the plug resolved 2 days ago jhovanna123 2
Urgent error with web tabs, missing information. resolved 2 days ago Iván Campillo 8
Lightbox with cart to checkout 2 days ago Egor 6
Compatibility between ElasticPress & Impreza 2 days ago Roman 1
Making a multi column row one column on lower screen sizes leads to issues. 2 days ago Aleksandr 1
Custom code for specific element / section 2 days ago Artem 10
Post Prev/Next Navigation not working 3 days ago Artem 6
Mobile performs different then desktop 3 days ago Artem 1
Design Tab does not work for self-hosted videos resolved 3 days ago Dirk 67
Layout brakes when activating Wordfence Firewall 3 days ago Egor 2
URL path: translation to /en/PORTFOLIO/ resolved 3 days ago merjakoriseva 150
WooCommerce notices not displayed resolved 3 days ago Joanna 41
Install Google Fonts locally 3 days ago Roman 14
how can i design the comments block? 3 days ago Roman 8
Problems with the Contact Form 3 days ago Egor 1
Page Block Element: Add "Open Page Block" to edit the actual page block 3 days ago Steve M 80