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WPBakery 7.6 does not keep customizations 25 mins ago 37
Video in grid layout wont autoplay 26 mins ago Viktoriia 37
Popups not all triggering on mobile devices 30 mins ago gregrusso 46
Exclude post type from grid 38 mins ago Aleksandr G. 1
Woocommerce Result Count Element 1 hour ago appnetdesign 107
popup incompatible with Google Tag Manager? 1 hour ago Aleksandr G. 34
Drop Down Button 1 hour ago iwanitoo 8
Bug in the "Design" Tab in shortocde with last Update resolved 1 hour ago Artem 95
Custom fields not updating with UpSolution Core 8.23.1 and 8.23.2 1 hour ago Viktoriia 9
HTML block bug 2 hours ago ondanomala 161
Pop up - show once for user scheduled 3 hours ago ImpalerPLM 1086
Design Tab: Add Background Overlay 3 hours ago Wiliam Jose Koester 519
Updates invisible after updating Impreza (2) 4 hours ago Denis 1
Align a featured image as element, to left / right inside a text box element? 4 hours ago tstoicescu 2
Image does not appear on mobile (iPhone) 7 hours ago Stefanoosterbaan 54
Up Solutions Core puts website into critical Error 8 hours ago cookseyjoseph 6
Custom Search Results Grid not working 13 hours ago illustromedia 24
Not compatible with WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro plugin? 17 hours ago xkitr 57
Why is the real user crux data not available for a-url or origin 18 hours ago Viktoriia 24
Use custom Font Awesome Kit in theme settings scheduled 19 hours ago Jason Ryan 801
SEO optimization about comments 20 hours ago Viktoriia 22
Change order on category page 21 hours ago Aleksandr G. 192
Grid Layout Post Title shorten 22 hours ago Denis 11
URL structure for product categories 23 hours ago Aleksandr G. 120
CPT author's archive page resolved 1 day ago Viktoriia 57
Change direction of Carousel 1 day ago Alex_27 23
Updates invisible after updating Impreza resolved 1 day ago kurre_net 31
Colour Options Gone on Update resolved 1 day ago Aleksandr 134
Front end of the website is broken resolved 1 day ago surfaholic 120
Show all post types for author's archive page 1 day ago Demian 57
Customized Media Gallery Grid 1 day ago Stefanoosterbaan 90
Tư vấn giúp tôi 1 day ago Denis 1
primary category in slug 2 days ago Viktoriia 8
Unable to edit header 2 days ago Denis 5
Can't install WPBakery Builder resolved 2 days ago Aleksandr G. 13
Javascript not working properly 2 days ago Aleksandr G. 47
How to show the author of the current post with the User List? resolved 2 days ago Wiliam Jose Koester 72
Live Editor row columns (with flexbox) resolved 2 days ago Artem 84
Website broken resolved 2 days ago Aleksandr G. 24
Support for the checkout custom input fields 2 days ago dionwegman 2
WooCommerce QTY button + / - size 2 days ago ImpalerPLM 4
Icons above menu items in header resolved 3 days ago Roman 21
Allow changing the Sharing envelope icon to different weight resolved 4 days ago Denis 28
Open a post in a popup - closing X in or near post content resolved 5 days ago Aleksandr G. 111
Automatically save submitted forms 5 days ago Farbwechsel 998
Is it possible to force an animation on mobile? resolved 5 days ago Alexey 2
Global Border Radius 5 days ago Digitelsitework 568
Show the author of the current post with the User List scheduled 5 days ago Wiliam Jose Koester 72
Update problems resolved 6 days ago Denis 54
Grid: ability to show items with specific custom field value scheduled 6 days ago MaierDavid 1540