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Footer is wrongly displayed Started by EasFiets 25 mins ago 1
overlay on landing page images-restaurant demo resolved Started by monsurc1 46 mins ago 1
More Tag in Testimonial resolved Started by eezah 1 hour 6 mins ago 16
How to open Portofolio in a Lightbox? resolved Started by Elena5889 1 hour 11 mins ago 1
3D Mouse Movement resolved Started by felixzimmer 1 hour 20 mins ago 1
Logo showcase not working after update resolved Started by Martin 2 hours 52 mins ago 8
Footer menu styling Started by WeAreHi5 5 hours 32 mins ago 19
Blog Heading Color resolved Started by WeAreHi5 7 hours 38 mins ago 19
Remove form outlines when clicking in the form boxes resolved Started by omarmoss 7 hours 44 mins ago 3
password protected area resolved Started by malgraf 15 hours 59 mins ago 1
Social Icons: I need to have blue background instead of white resolved Started by 2wheeltours 17 hours 43 mins ago 1
centering social icon media in footer resolved Started by 2wheeltours 18 hours 15 mins ago 0
main menu in tablet and mobile version resolved Started by jolynpeng 18 hours 18 mins ago 1
Circle-info Icons not inline with circle Started by fatjay 18 hours 21 mins ago 1
How do I make the navigation bar like the pink bar in resolved Started by supportallmedia 18 hours 24 mins ago 1
MOBILE AND DESKTOP SPEED SCORE IS POOR Started by JVeronez 18 hours 41 mins ago 2
Overall Grid Width resolved Started by WeAreHi5 19 hours 6 mins ago 19
Video header not working on iPad Started by markhewes 20 hours 13 mins ago 1
Accordion & Toggle within Tabs Started by Butzli13 21 hours 5 mins ago 3
Bug portfolio resolved Started by naativacomunicacao 22 hours 52 mins ago 1
Google maps error Started by jorgevilareal 22 hours 56 mins ago 4
Portfolio in footer has issues on mobile Started by freshysites 1 day 1 hour ago 16
Social Links Hover Footer resolved Started by brgr 1 day 2 hours ago 2
Footer Portfolio Items resolved Started by brgr 1 day 2 hours ago 2
Dropdown Menu does not stay open for clicking a submenu (on touch pads) Started by thleemann 1 day 3 hours ago 1
Facebook Pixel resolved Started by JVeronez 1 day 3 hours ago 2
Footer is not working Started by gorilladesign 1 day 3 hours ago 11
[Revo Slider] Slides not found Started by Atila46 1 day 3 hours ago 1
How do I turn on blog post comments? Started by radev 1 day 9 hours ago 1
testimonial block settings do not look right resolved Started by adamcrohill 1 day 10 hours ago 2
Add a widget area to a page. resolved Started by F1RST MEDIA 1 day 12 hours ago 13
Submenu Items Disappear Behind Site Background resolved Started by KatieMurch 1 day 15 hours ago 3
Slider is getting covered by top area resolved Started by localgold 1 day 17 hours ago 206
Sticky Section Settings resolved Started by Jits 1 day 18 hours ago 8
arrangement content and column backroundimage for mobile resolved Started by Topikos 1 day 20 hours ago 8
Header image size resolved Started by WeAreHi5 1 day 20 hours ago 19
Button in Main Menu causes scrollbars on Mobile resolved Started by freshysites 1 day 23 hours ago 16
Change Read More Started by crysal 2 days ago 2
How would I use headings in my post? resolved Started by DonCh91 2 days 1 hour ago 1
Footer Google Maps resolved Started by Topikos 2 days 2 hours ago 8
Blog Posts Width resolved Started by jacobkschneider 2 days 2 hours ago 1
Header code injection Started by IT_Businessclan 2 days 2 hours ago 1
Full Width Portfolio Items resolved Started by brgr 2 days 3 hours ago 2
Selectively change the stacking order of columns resolved Started by DanielG 2 days 8 hours ago 13
Given code for columns reordering doesn't work Started by rdavenport 2 days 8 hours ago 6
Plugin updates? and Rev Slider issue Started by tomas_mba 2 days 8 hours ago 1
Add code in head for all pages (like Facebook pixel) resolved Started by Patobreak 2 days 8 hours ago 3
Visual Composer License doens't work resolved Started by ramonwawer 2 days 8 hours ago 1
Re-sizing Blog Featured Image in Blog Home Page resolved Started by kkevin862 2 days 13 hours ago 1
Remove Sub Header code if specific area is entirely disabled. Started by freshysites 2 days 18 hours ago 17