Where do I find the image ID?

You do not need to use Image IDs if you use WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) instead of shortcodes.

Navigate to Media Library and click on any image:


At browser address bar you will find the image ID:



What image size fits better to make a sharp logo on all devices?

We recommend uploading the original logo image twice bigger than it will appear on a site, for example, if you set “50px” value for logo height - the original image should be 100px by height. Or use an SVG logo, it looks sharp on all devices.


Is it possible to set different logos, and translate Header items using WPML?

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of WPML plugin installed.
  2. Install the "WPML String Translation" plugin from WPML from official page.
  3. Navigate to WPML > Theme and plugins localization select "Translate the theme and plugins using WPML's String Translation" option and click on the Save button.
  4. Navigate to WPML > String Translation, select from "Select strings within domain" list "admin_text_usof_options_Impreza".
  5. Find logo in the list below, click on "translations" link:
    In opened window change image ID and click on "Save" button:
  6. That's it, now you have a different logo for another language.


Theme Options page is inaccessible, how to fix?

Connect to your server via FTP client and append the next code to a .htaccess file in the WordPress directory:

<IfModule mod_substitute.c>
SubstituteMaxLineLength 10M


How can I get rid of a gap between a header and slider?

Select “None” value of the “Vertical Indents” option at Row Settings, and enable "Full Width Content" option:



How to add a custom script between <head></head> tags?

Go to Impreza > Theme Options > Custom Code and append custom code to the "Code before </head>" area.


How to improve SEO? Have you any recommended plugins?

Impreza has SEO meta tags module. If you need more flexible SEO management, we recommend to use Rank Math plugin.


Where can I find license KEY for Ultimate Addons / WPBakery Page Builder / Revolution Slider plugins?

You don't need license keys for plugins which came with Impreza, they work fine without activation, you just need to activate your theme in order to receive update notifications. Read about bundled plugins.

Looking for Revolution Slider templates?


Can I use standalone WPBakery Page Builder, with all its features?

First of all, you need to know that there is no difference between:

  • WPBakery Page Builder archive, which is bundled with Impreza.
  • WPBakery Page Builder archive, which is downloaded from the CodeCanyon site.

They are absolutely identical.

But Impreza slightly changes the original plugin functionality due to performance and compatibility reasons, specifically the theme:

  1. Adds own options and removes non-compatible options for some elements such as Row and Column.
  2. Disables some original content elements which are similar to the theme elements.
  3. Disables Grid Builder and related content elements (Media Grid, Post Grid, Media Masonry Grid, Masonry Post Grid).
  4. Modifies WPBakery Page Builder interface for better user experience.

If you want to enable the 2nd and 3rd points from the list above then navigate to Theme Options > Advanced Settings > Website Performance and turn off "Disable extra features of WPBakery Page Builder" option:



Can I add theme elements to Revolution Slider / Widgets? How to get a shortcode?

Create a regular page, add the desired element via WPBakery Page Builder, switch the editor to Classic Mode, editor to Text mode, to be able to copy shortcodes. Add copied shortcodes to needed place (for example to your Revolution Slider)



How to change 'Read More', 'Load More' wording?

Go to Impreza > Grid Layouts, open the corresponding Grid Layout in the editor, hover over the Button element and click on the "Pencil" icon to edit element settings. In the opened window set the desired Button Label.


Contact form doesn't send emails, how can I resolve the issue?

This issue might be related to the wrong server configuration, try to change the receiver email to Gmail, if it won't help we recommend to contact your host regarding this issue.


My site stuck in maintenance mode, how can I make it work again?

Connect to your server via any FTP client find and delete the .maintenance file within the WordPress directory. To find the cause for such behavior you need to inspect server error log files.


My site is not loaded, only 500 Server error appears, how can I fix that?

This is a server-side error, we recommend to contact your hoster regarding this error. If they won't help, ask them to share the server error.log file so we could investigate the issue better.


Can't import demo data (never-ending process), can I cancel it or what should I do?

Usually, this issue appears due to a lack of memory, deactivate all 3d party plugins and try importing again. If it won't help, we recommend to increase memory_limit to 256M, max_upload_size to 50M, and max_execution_time to 300, ask your hoster to increase these values for PHP. Also, make sure that your server meets the minimum requirements.


Wrong Facebook sharing image/text, how can I refresh Facebook snippet?

Open this link (https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/) in a browser and ask Facebook to refresh the snippets of your pages.



How to change columns order on mobiles?

Go to Row Settings > Columns tab and enable "Reverse order for columns stacking" checkbox:


Also, you can change the width value on Theme Options > Site Layout > Columns Stacking Width.


How can I stylize the login page like on the demo site?

Step 1. Create a sidebar at Appearance > Widgets, for example, login_sidebar:


Step 2. Assign Login widget to the created sidebar:


All these URLs are optional so you can leave these fields blank.

Step 3. Create a regular page or open an existing one, add the sidebar via Widgetized Sidebar element:



When I open my Portfolio Page it displays error 404. How can I fix it?

Navigate to Settings > Permalinks in your Dashboard and press the "Save Changes" button. This will update your .htaccess file with new rewrite rules needed for portfolio (and other custom post types) to work properly.


How can I enable WPBakery Page Builder for Posts / Portfolio Pages / Produсts / Footers?

To enable WPBakery Page Builder for Portfolio Pages, Posts, Products go to WPBakery Page Builder > Role Manager and check the corresponding checkboxes:



How can I make my logo linked to a proper page on a multi-language site?

You can add the [lang] shortcode to "Link URL" field of any header element:


This shortcode will be automatically replaced with the relevant language slug.


Google Maps element doesn't work, what should I do?

Go to Impreza > Theme Options > Advanced, and add your own Google API Key there (go to this page to find out more about API Keys):


In case of using the Ultimate Addons Google Map element, add your key to Ultimate > Google Maps. If the above solutions don't work, make sure you activated Geocoding Service.


Theme elements, features stopped working after an update, what can I do?

Try the next steps for troubleshooting:

  1. Clear all caches (caching plugins, hosting, CDN, browser cache, etc).
  2. Deactivate all 3d party plugins which aren't related to Impreza theme and if the error disappeared, enable plugins one after another to find the issue.
  3. Go to Theme Options > Advanced Settings, turn off "Move jQuery scripts to the footer", "Disable jQuery migrate script" and "Dynamically load theme JS components" options, save changes if it helped enable options one by one to find the reason of the error.

If none of the above helped, don't hesitate to create a ticket so that our support engineers could help you out.


How to add a sticky menu to a certain page to navigate through its sections (Rows)?

  1. Set IDs for needed sections (Rows) on your page via Row Settings:
  2. Create a new menu that has Custom Links with URLs relevant to sections IDs:
  3. Open your page in Backend Editor, add one empty Row element into the desired place, click on "pencil" icon to edit this Row, check the "Sticky Row" checkbox and select "Equals the content height" value in Row Height option:
    You can select any Row Color Style or set your own colors.
  4. Add the "WP Custom Menu" element into this empty Row and select the menu which you created in the 2nd step. Also set "Horizontal" layout and "Center" alignment:

This feature only works on screen sizes above 900px.


Why doesn't background video play on mobiles automatically?

The autoplay feature was disabled by Apple from iOS 6.1. In Safari on iOS (for all devices, including iPad), where the user may be on a cellular network and be charged per data unit, preload and autoplay are disabled. This means the JavaScript play() and load() methods are also inactive until the user initiates playback by touching a Play button. But for background videos, all controls are hidden, just because the video is overlapped by content and the user cannot access the video player directly. So background videos won't work on iOS devices. You can add a background image at Row Settings and it will be shown instead of the video.

Since iOS 10 video autoplay policies were changed, so on iPad with iOS 10 background videos will play automatically if they don't have a sound (and some other criteria described in this article).

Since iPad OS 13 background video plays automatically on iPads by default


How to install addons if I get this error: "Please adjust file permissions to allow plugins installation"?

There is a chance that the uploading feature was disabled by your host, you can try enabling it in the wp-config.php file within your WordPress folder, append the next line to wp-config.php:

define( "FS_METHOD", "direct" );

If it doesn't help, add your FTP credentials into a wp-config.php file using the next example:

define( "FTP_USER", "username" );
define( "FTP_PASS", "password" );
define( "FTP_HOST", "ftp.domain.com" );


How to change dropdown menus behavior on mobiles?

Go to Impreza > Headers, open your header in Header Builder, hover over Menu element, click the "Pencil" icon to edit element settings, and choose how to open sub-items:


Label and Arrow:

Clicking on the menu title will open subitems.



1 - clicking on the menu title will open the corresponding page (if it's set)

2 - clicking on the arrow will open subitems.



How can I activate my theme if It says that Impreza Child is not activated?

Go to Appearance > Themes, switch to main Impreza theme:


Then try activating your theme license once again. If it didn't help, don't hesitate to create a ticket so we could investigate the issue deeper.


How to place centered buttons side by side?

Assign align_center CSS helper class to a parent element, for example, add it to Column Settings of a parent column to make buttons centered



How to bring back site icons after setting SSL or changing site URL?

Go to Impreza > Theme Options > Advanced, switch ON and OFF  "Optimize JS and CSS size" (or vice versa). Then click the "Save Changes" button to regenerate Theme Options CSS and JS files. Once saved, clear the browser cache, restart the browser so that changes can take effect.


Testimonial element stopped working, how to bring it back?

Testimonial element ([us_testimonial] shortcode) was deprecated in Impreza version 3.9, and was completely removed in Impreza 5 version. But shortcodes content was translated to Testimonials post type:


To bring testimonials back use the Grid element, with the corresponding Testimonial Grid Layout:


Once assigned the layout, go to General tab of Grid Settings and select the grid to Show Testimonials (us_testimonial):


Alternatively, you can select certain Testimonials from the "Manually selected items" list, by typing in the "Testimonial":



How to add an Image Gallery?

Use the Grid element of WPBakery to add an image gallery, set it to Show "Media (attachment)" and select the desired image from WordPress Media Library:


Once images are added, go to the Appearance tab and select an appropriate Grid Layout:


If you want images to zoom on click, set the Overriding Link to "Opens a Post Image in a popup":



How to add sided Prev/Next Navigation?

Go to Impreza > Content Templates and create a template, populate it with "Post Content" element with showing Full content and "Post Prev/Next Navigation" element with "On sides of the screen" layout:


Save the template, go to Impreza > Theme Options > Pages Layout, and assign this page block to the "Content template" area of the desired post type



Ho to get SVG animation to work?

Place your animated SVG file as an <object> HTML tag, it would look like this:

<object data="helloworld.swf"></object>

Use the Raw HTML element of WPBakery Page Builder to the <object> to any page.


How to check website accessibility?

Everything about accessibility is now controlled by ARIA guidelines.

The easiest way to check the accessibility of any site page is by using Google Chrome developer tools:

  1. Open the needed page in the Chrome browser
  2. Press F12 on the keyboard
  3. Go to the Audits tab, check the Accessibility checkbox, and click the "Generate report" button

Impreza meets all the ARIA guidelines. If you find any issue, create a support ticket.