Installation and Activation

Theme Installation #

Theme Download #

After you buy Impreza, you can download its installable archive. Go to the ThemeForest Downloads section and select the "Installable WordPress file only" option.

Installation via WordPress #

  1. At your WordPress admin area, go to Appearance > Themes.
  2. Click the Add New Theme button and select the Upload Theme option at the top.
  3. Navigate to the archive and click the Install Now button.

Installation via FTP #

  1. Connect to your hosting via FTP software.
  2. Extract the archive.
  3. Upload the Impreza folder inside your WordPress themes directory /wp-content/themes/

Theme Activation #

What is Theme Activation? #

It's a process that verifies the real license usage. It confirms your purchase on the ThemeForest site. The activated theme unlocks extra features described below.

Why Should I Activate Impreza? #

By activating the theme license you will unlock premium options:

  1. Ability to use the Setup Wizard
  2. Using Section Templates
  3. White Label settings
  4. Theme update notifications and updating the theme via one click
  5. Ability to install and update premium addons via one click

How to Activate Impreza? #

  1. At your WordPress admin dashboard, go to Impreza > About.
  2. Click the Activate button.
  3. After the redirect, enter the Support Portal via your Envato account.
  4. Select the license you wish to activate and press the Activate Impreza.

Each Impreza license allows activating one production and one development site.

  • Production — the main site with all features included. 
  • Development — for testing purposes. On the site activated as Development, the Maintenance Mode is always active and it can't be turned off.

How to Re-Assign the License to Another Domain? #

  1. Go to your Licenses.
  2. Press the Deactivate button near the old domain.
  3. Go to the WordPress dashboard of the new domain and activate the license at Impreza > About. 


I Can't Activate the Theme. What Should I Do? #

Contact your hosting provider and request to allow connections to If it won’t help, create a ticket, and our Support Team will help you resolve the issue.

Site Says It's Activated, but I Сan Not Use the Setup Wizard #

It could be a cashing issue. Go to your Licenses and deactivate the needed license. Next, try re-activating the license on the Impreza > About admin page.

The issue could also be due to Envato API. In this case, log in to the "My Apps" page, you'll find a list of applications with the granted access. Press the "Revoke Access" button for all apps and try activating the theme again.

If the solutions above don't work, create a ticket, and our Support Team will help you resolve the issue.

How to deactivate the theme in admin area? #

By default, you can deactivate a theme's license on the Licenses page.

If you have the Impreza version 8.25 and later, you're able to deactivate it on the Impreza > About admin page.

In other case, you can use the custom PHP code to deactivate the Impreza in admin area. Append the next code to the functions.php of a child theme:

delete_option( 'us_license_dev_activated' );
delete_option( 'us_license_activated' );
delete_option( 'us_license_secret' );
$transient = 'us_update_theme_data_' . US_THEMENAME;
delete_transient( $transient );

Save changes, refresh any page to run the script once. Remove the above code and save changes again.

Which Browsers is Impreza Compatible with? #

  • Chrome
  • Safari (version 10 and above)
  • Firefox
  • Edge
  • Opera

What Are Server/Hosting Requirements? #

Impreza is fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Ensure that your web host has the minimum WordPress requirements to run Impreza-based sites, we recommend the following additionals:

  • mod_rewrite Apache module
  • iconv extension with UTF-8 encoding
  • mbstring extension
  • max_execution_time more than 180, we recommend 300
  • memory_limit at least 256M to run all plugins without issues

Can I Activate Impreza on the Test/Local Domain? #

Yes, if it has access to the Internet. We recommend using the Development license for testing purposes.