Impreza Roadmap

The latest Impreza version is 8.24

Below we list upcoming features, some are already in development, some are scheduled.

Next Impreza Version 8.25 #

  1. Scrolling Effects: better control of the horizontal shift [request]
  2. New Post List element: the Grid analogue to show any post types but with more flexible options:
    • showing several post types. [request]
    • showing posts excluding specific taxonomies. [request]
    • showing posts based on multiple taxonomies. [request]
    • showing posts by custom field values. [request]
    • showing posts by specific authors. [request]
    • showing posts except selected. [request]
    • showing child posts/pages of selected parent. [request]
  3. ... and more features

Future Releases #

  • Live Builder: save customized Rows/Sections into own Templates Library. [request]
  • Product List element: work with the new Product Filter element
  • Grid element: Gap between Items for responsive sizes. [request]
  • ... and more features