Site Localization

If you want to apply several languages on your website you need to use multi-lingual plugins. It's not possible to have a multi-lingual website without 3rd-party plugins.

Any Impreza website has strings (words and phrases) from the following sources:

  1. Your content, which is manually added
  2. WordPress built-in strings
  3. Impreza built-in strings
  4. Plugins built-in strings

The translation of built-in strings is automatically applied when you change the language in the “Site Language” option at Settings > General:


What do I need to translate English words into my language? #

If you applied your language (in Settings > General > Site Language), but your website still shows English words, just follow:

  1. Check if a word can be changed manually via theme or elements settings.
  2. Use the Loco Translate plugin, it allows translating built-in Impreza and some 3rd-party plugins' words.

When you adding new language via Loco Translate plugin, use the "languages/themes/..." file location:

The "languages/loco/themes/..." file location is not working with Impreza.

Impreza translations #

Impreza has the following translations in the package:

  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Russian
  • Brazilian Portuguese

Also, not fully translated at the moment:

  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Czech
  • Polish

Theme translations for these languages are made by Impreza buyers in the POEditor project. Join the project, after that you can:

  • Translate the untranslated strings to your language with other people
  • Update or fix the existing translated strings
  • Download the translation file of your language

We update all translations from this project in every Impreza update. Note that we don't moderate translations.

To translate Impreza to a language not listed in the POEditor use the Loco Translate plugin.

Technically, there are 3 types of translations in the Impreza:

  1. Impreza-related translations with "us" text domain
  2. WordPress core without text domain, these translations are made by the WordPress community
  3. With the plugin's text domain (for example, "woocommerce") these translations are made by the authors of those plugins