Migrating from Corsa

The Corsa theme WON'T be updated and supported anymore. The main reason is that Corsa is not profitable. We (UpSolution team) recommend you to migrate your website from Corsa to Impreza.

Why would I migrate my website to the Impreza theme?

  • We won't fix any further Corsa issues and bugs including security vulnerabilities
  • You won't be able to create support tickets and receive help for Corsa
  • Your website will look the same on the Impreza theme with minor differences
  • You can use dozens of great Impreza features and functionality, which are not presented in Corsa
  • Impreza is our flagship theme and we are focused on its constant improving, just check its changelog
  • The migration process is very convenient and easy, read below

Migration Guide #

We made the migration process as painless and convenient as possible. Just read and do the following steps:

  1. IMPORTANT: make a full website backup. We recommend making a backup via your hosting panel. As a fallback option, you can use some backup plugins, this article may be useful.
  2. Download our Migrator plugin and install it on your website (screenshot).
  3. Buy Impreza theme and install it on your website.
  4. Go to Impreza > About page and activate the theme via a relevant button, approve synchronization with this Support Portal.
  5. Go to Impreza > Addons page and install WPBakery Page Builder, UpSolution Core, Slider Revolution plugins, they will be needed in migration.
  6. Go to Tools > Migrate Corsa to Impreza page (if you don't see this point in the admin menu, you need to activate "UpSolution Corsa to Impreza Migrator" plugin on the Plugins page) and you will see the yellow box (screenshot), just check the only checkbox and click Start the Migration button.
  7. Wait for the migration ending, when it is completed you will see the green box (screenshot).
  8. Once Corsa to Impreza migration completed, migrate content to the latest version via the corresponding "Yellow Box"
  9. Install and activate Force Regenerate Thumbnails plugin (screenshot), then go to Tools > Force Regenerate Thumbnails and click the button (screenshot). It will regenerate thumbnails of all uploaded images and delete the extra ones.
  10. If you're using some cache plugins or CDN, clear all the website cache.
  11. Now check your website.

When you complete the steps above — make sure that all of your website pages are displayed correctly and working as before. IF NOT please restore your website back up and turn back the Corsa theme. That means you have some custom modifications, which are not compatible with Impreza. In this case, create a support ticket with the issue description. We'll review all the tickets and help you with the description of further steps, at the same time please note we won't fix the custom modifications manually.

Frequently Asked Questions #

1. Can you exchange my Corsa theme with Impreza with a surcharge? #

No, we can't. You need to purchase the Impreza theme separately via ThemeForest page only. After successful migration, you'll be able to get a refund for the Corsa theme, check the 4th question below.

2. Can you guarantee that my website won't break after migration? #

We can't, that's why we strongly recommend you make a backup of your website BEFORE migration. Also, we recommend create a copy of your public website on a separate WordPress installation and try migration there first. We tested our Migrator plugin many times with real Corsa websites, it works just fine, if you didn't use strong customizations.

3. Can you help me with migration from my website to Impreza? #

We described the full process in our Migration Guide, it's very easy, just do step by step as described there. In case if you have some related issues you can create a support ticket.

4. Can I get a refund (money back) for the Corsa theme after migration? #

Yes, you can, but only after successful migration to the Impreza theme. In that case, use the Refund Request form, select your Corsa purchase, choose "I'm having a problem with item support" as the main reason, and notify that you migrated to the Impreza theme. After that, you'll get money back within a few days.