White Label

White Label is an ability to change the "Impreza" word to any other you want. It's possible to change:

  • Theme Name on all admin pages
  • Theme Image on the Appearance > Themes admin page
  • Theme Menu Icon at the admin side panel

White Label will NOT rename the "impreza" directory on your server, because it prevents license activation and theme updates.

White Label settings are available in the activated theme only.

Go to Impreza > About and turn on the "Activate White Label" switch to start applying your branding to Impreza theme


Theme Name #

It will be shown on all admin pages, except the current one.

Theme Image #

Pick an image with 4:3 dimensions and set it to be a "Theme Image", it will be shown at Appearance > Themes list of themes.


Theme Menu Icon #

Pick any image from the WordPress Media Library and set it to be a "Theme Menu Icon", it will be shown in front of the theme name.