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Translating the Theme

Impreza has the following translations in the package:

  • German
  • Russian
  • Italian
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Dutch
  • Turkish

The translation is automatically applied when you change the language in the “Site Language” option at Settings > General:


Theme translations for these languages are made by our clients at this collaboration project. Join the project by adding your email and name, after that you can:

  • Translate the untranslated strings to your language with other people
  • Update or fix the existing translated strings
  • Download translation file of your language

We update all translations from this project in every Impreza update.

Impreza theme inherits lots of WordPress core translations to be lightweight

Basically, there are three types of translations in Impreza:

  1. Impreza-related translations with "us" text domain, to edit them join this collaboration project
  2. WordPress core without text domain, these translations aren't editable out of the box, use 3rd party solutions to override them
  3. With the plugin's text domain, for instance, "woocommerce", these translations are not related to Impreza and should be edited by the authors of these plugins

What do I need to translate Impreza to another language? #

The easiest way to translate Impreza is to use a plugin called Loco Translate.

Otherwise, use the next method.

In case there is no language in the list above, you can translate the theme locally:

  1. Download and install the POEdit.
  2. Locate default.po file at /Impreza/common/languages folder, copy it, and edit it by translating the needed strings.
  3. Save your file with the name regarding ISO codes. For example, files with the Spanish language should be named es_ES.
  4. Install Impreza-child theme.
  5. Go to your server via FTP, and upload the language files (both .po and .mo) to the languages folder of the Impreza-child theme (located at wp-content/themes/Impreza-child/languages) you should create a folder if it doesn't exist.
  6. Go to Settings > General at your admin dashboard and select the needed language at the “Site Language” option (as on the screenshot above).

How can I make my logo linked to a proper page on a multi-language site? #

You can add the [lang] shortcode to the "Link" field of any element. This shortcode will be automatically replaced with the relevant language slug.