Maintenance Mode #

Turn on this option to put your site in Maintenance Mode. Specific page (selected from the list of pages) will be shown for all not logged-in visitors.


Enable "503 Service Unavailable" status #

Turn on this option to set your server to send 503 headers (Service unavailable) it can be helpful to avoid indexing this maintenance page by Search Engines robots. Use this option only for a short period of time.

Site Icon #

Select an image that will be used as a browser and app icon for your site. Icons must be square, and at least 512 pixels wide and tall. This option just repeats WordPress functionality for better convenience.

Preloader Screen #

Select one of the predefined preloaders or assign your own.

Ripple Effect #

Enables showing the ripple effect when clicking on the following elements:

  • Menu items in header
  • "Full Screen" Search in header
  • "Back to top" button
  • Button with link
  • Image with link
  • Column with link
  • Interactive Banner with link
  • IconBox with link and "Solid Circle" icon style
  • Social Links
  • Sharing Buttons
  • Message Box close icon
  • Tabs
  • Vertical Tabs
  • Post Prev/Next Navigation with "Sided" layout
  • Grid items, if "Overriding Link" option is set to "Post link" value
  • Filter items in Grid

Check how it looks on and

Rounded Corners #

Turns ON/OFF rounded corners for all theme elements, which don't have its own similar option (e.g. Social Links element has "Icons Shape" selection).

Links Underline #

Turns ON/OFF text links underline on hover.

Keyboard Accessibility #

Turns ON/OFF visual highlighting to the clickable elements (buttons, menu items, links, form fields) to indicate their focused state.

"Back to top" Button #

Enable this option to show the button, which allows scrolling a page back to the top, and customize its appearance.

Cookie Notice #

Turn ON this option to show a notice to new site visitors. Might be useful due to GDPR policy. 

Smooth Scroll Duration #

Set smooth scroll animation duration.