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Custom Fields Usage

Custom fields are used to show editable information on posts, pages, or any custom post types. Impreza has built-in custom fields, like the "Page Layout" box. To create your own additional fields we recommend using the Advanced Custom Fields plugin. Read an example of usage below.

How to add "Subtitle" to posts via Advanced Custom Fields #

  1. Go to Impreza > Addons admin page and install the "Advanced Custom Fields" via a single click

  2. Go to Custom Fields > Add New to create a Field Group

  3. Enter any title (e.g. "Posts"), click "+ Add Field" button and enter "Subtitle" into Field Label

  4. Scroll down to "Settings" area, set Style as "Seamless (no metabox)" and Position as "High (after title)"

  5. Scroll up and click the "Publish" button at the top-right part of the screen.
  6. Go to Impreza > Content Templates and create a Content Template or use an existing one.
  7. Add "Post Custom Field" element and select showing "Posts: Subtitle" in its settings

  8. Go to Impreza > Themes Options > Pages Layout and set that Content Template as the content of posts

  9. Go to edit any existing post or create a new one, you will see a new "Subtitle" field. Enter some text and it will appear on your post

How to show Custom Field values in other elements #

Information below is relevant to Impreza version 7.9 and later.

Some theme elements may use dynamic values via {{custom_field_name}} shorthand.

For example, the Real Estate demo has following ACF fields:


If you add Text element with "{{storeys}}-storey house with living area of {{living_area}} sqm, with {{bedrooms}} bedrooms, located on a plot of {{land_area}} sqm." text into "House Page" Content template:


After that every house page will display values from its custom fields, like:


Elements with dynamic values support #

  • Text (Text option)
  • Button (Button Label option)
  • Tabs/Accordion Section (Title option)

Predefined dynamic values #

  • {{comment_count}} - shows comments amount of a post (reviews ammount of a WooCommerce product)