Custom Fields Usage

Custom fields are used to show editable information on posts, pages, or any custom post types.

Impreza has built-in custom fields, like the "Page Layout" box. To create your own additional fields use the Advanced Custom Fields plugin.

How to show Custom Field values in theme elements #

Some theme elements may use dynamic values via {{custom_field_name}} shorthand. Dynamic value takes the value from a custom field of the current post (page, product, etc.). If the custom field doesn't exist, then returns an empty string.

For example, the Real Estate demo has the following ACF fields:


If you add the Text element with the following

{{storeys}}-storey house with living area of {{living_area}} sqm, with {{bedrooms}} bedrooms, located on a plot of {{land_area}} sqm.

text into the "House Page" Content template:


After that every house page will display values from its custom fields, like:


Elements with dynamic values support #

  • Accordion (Section Title field)
  • ActionBox (Title, Buttons Label fields)
  • Button (Button Label field)
  • Contact Info (all fields)
  • Counter (Final counting value, Title fields)
  • Dropdown (Title field)
  • FlipBox (Title, Description, Button Label fields)
  • IconBox (Title field)
  • Interactive Banner (Title, Description fields)
  • Map (Custom address, Marker Text fields)
  • Person (Name, Role fields)
  • Pricing Table (all fields)
  • Progress Bar (Progress Value, Final Value, Title fields)
  • Separator (Title field)
  • Social Links (Enter the URL field)
  • Tabs/Vertical Tabs (Section Title field)
  • Text (Text field)
  • Video Player (Link field)

Values from the ACF Options page #

If you have the enabled ACF Options Page you can get its values with the "option|" prefix, like {{option|field_name}} shortcode.

Predefined dynamic values #

These values are not custom fields and will work in any context:

  • {{comment_count}} - shows comments amount of the current post (reviews amount of a WooCommerce product)
  • {{post_count}} - shows the total amount of published posts
  • {{user_count}} - shows the total amount of registered users