Where can I find the license KEY for Ultimate Addons / WPBakery Page Builder / Revolution Slider plugins? #

You don't need license keys for plugins that came with Impreza, they work fine without activation, you just need to activate the Impreza in order to receive update notifications. Read about bundled plugins.

How to check website Accessibility / SEO / loading speed? #

At the moment the best tool to check website accessibility, SEO, and best practices is PageSpeed Insights.

How to improve SEO? Do you have any recommended plugins? #

Impreza has the "SEO meta tags" module. If you need more flexible SEO management, we recommend using the Rank Math plugin.

How to improve my website loading speed and performance? #

Read the relevant article.

Why does the Tripadvisor icon have an airplane instead of their logo? #

Unfortunately, Tripadvisor company has requested to remove their logo from the Font Awesome icons. https://newreleases.io/project/github/FortAwesome/Font-Awesome/release/5.15.4

How to implement my own (commercial) fonts into the theme? #

You can upload font files via Theme Options > Typography > Uploaded Fonts.

What image size fits better to make a sharp logo on all devices? #

We recommend uploading the original logo image with a size twice bigger than it will appear on your site. For example, if you set the “50px” value for logo height - the original image should be 100px by height. Or use an SVG logo, it looks sharp on all devices.

How to add a custom script between <head></head> tags? #

Go to Impreza > Theme Options > Custom Code and append custom code to the "Code before </head>" area.

Contact Form doesn't send emails, how can I resolve the issue? #

This issue might be related to the wrong server configuration, try to change the receiver email to Gmail, if it won't help we recommend contacting your host regarding this issue.

My site is stuck in maintenance mode, how can I make it work again? #

Connect to your server via any FTP client find and delete the .maintenance file within the WordPress directory. To find the cause for such behavior you need to inspect server error log files.

My site is not loaded, only a 500 Server error appears, how can I fix that? #

This is a server-side error, we recommend contacting your hoster regarding this error.

Demo Import isn't working (a never-ending process), what should I do? #

Usually, this issue appears due to a lack of memory, deactivate all 3d party plugins and try importing again. If it won't help, we recommend increasing memory_limit to 256M, max_upload_size to 50M, and max_execution_time to 300, ask your hoster to increase these values for PHP.

Also, make sure that your server meets the minimum requirements.

When I open my Portfolio Page it displays the error 404. How can I fix it? #

Navigate to Settings > Permalinks in your admin dashboard and press the "Save Changes" button there.

How to enable the Responsive options tab in the Column settings? #

Check your Impreza > Theme Options > Advanced section, and deactivate the Live Builder and Columns Layout via CSS grid switch. This will switch you back to the CSS Flex Layout for columns and restore the options you referred to. 

If you want to work with the newer CSS grid layout, keep its switch on and edit your page with our Live Builder. Its settings for columns (Row settings > Columns) will allow you to set up the number of columns for each device type.

How to place several buttons side by side? #

If you need to place buttons side by side at the center, use the Horizontal Wrapper element with the Center horizontal alignment. Then add buttons into that Horizontal Wrapper.

How to bring back site icons after setting SSL or changing the site URL? #

Go to Impreza > Theme Options > Advanced, switch ON and OFF  "Optimize JS and CSS size" (or vice versa). Then click the "Save Changes" button to regenerate CSS and JS files. Once saved, clear the browser cache, and restart the browser so that changes can take effect.

Google Maps element doesn't work, what should I do? #

Go to Impreza > Theme Options > Advanced > Global Values and add your own Google API Key there. Get the API key.

In case of using the Ultimate Addons Google Map element, add your key to Ultimate > Google Maps. If the above solutions don't work, make sure you activated Geocoding Service.

How to prevent horizontal scrolling on iPads? #

At the moment there are two ways to fix that:

  1. Turn on the Live Builder and Columns Layout via CSS grid options in Impreza > Theme Options > Advanced
  2. Add custom CSS in Impreza > Theme Options > Custom Code:
/* prevent horizontal scrolling on touch screens */
html.touch .l-canvas { overflow: hidden; }

Note that in a second way your Sticky Rows can't work on iPad.

Theme elements/features stopped working after an update, what can I do? #

Try the next steps for troubleshooting:

  1. Clear all caches (caching plugins, hosting, CDN, browser cache, etc).
  2. Deactivate all 3d party plugins which aren't related to the Impreza theme and if the error disappeared, enable plugins one after another to find the issue.
  3. Go to Theme Options > Advanced settings, turn off "Move jQuery scripts to the footer", "Disable jQuery migrate script" and "Dynamically load theme JS components" options, and save changes. If it helped enable options one by one to find the reason of the error.

If none of the above helped, create a ticket so that our support team could help you out.

Why doesn't background video play on mobiles automatically? #

Since iOS 10 video autoplay policies were changed, so on iPhones with iOS 10 background videos will play automatically if they don't have a sound (and some other criteria described in this article).

Since iPad OS 13 background video plays automatically on iPads by default.

Regarding the YouTube documentation autoplay of YouTube videos won't work on all mobile devices.

How do I resolve the HTML/CSS validation errors in the code? #

The Nu Html Checker is irrelevant, it displays errors that are not affecting site performance, including both user experience and search results ranking. You can check this validator showing errors on many popular sites, for example, https://apple.com.   

Nowadays, the most important metrics for any web page are: 

  • Loading Speed – how much time it takes to load the page. It directly affects the user experience and can also become one of the factors in search engine ranking.
  • Performance – how smooth and fast the interaction with the elements on the page happens. Includes: page scroll, clicks, animations, and other interactive events on the page.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) – how well is the web page optimized for the search engine robots (crawlers). It directly affects the search engine ranking. 
  • Accessibility – how well is the web page optimized for visitors with disabilities.

At the moment the best tools to check website performance, accessibility, SEO, and best practices are:

Theme Options page is inaccessible. Editing a post using WPBakery is inaccessible. How to fix? #

Connect to your server via FTP client and append the next code to a .htaccess file in the WordPress directory:

<IfModule mod_substitute.c>
SubstituteMaxLineLength 10M

How to install addons if I get this error: "Please adjust file permissions to allow plugins installation"? #

There is a chance that the uploading feature was disabled by your host, you can try enabling it in the wp-config.php file within your WordPress folder, append the next line to wp-config.php:

define( "FS_METHOD", "direct" );

If it doesn't help, add your FTP credentials into a wp-config.php file using the next example:

define( "FTP_USER", "username" );
define( "FTP_PASS", "password" );
define( "FTP_HOST", "ftp.domain.com" );

How to get SVG animation to work? #

Use the Custom HTML element to place your animated SVG file as an <object> HTML tag, it would look like this:

<object data="helloworld.svg"></object>

If you need different animated logos for solid and for transparent header, check the solution here.

What is the difference between Impreza and Zephyr? #

  • Impreza comes with more premium addons inside. Like the Advanced Custom Fields Pro addon and its full list of features. Zephyr includes the free version of this plugin.
  • Impreza includes the Font Awesome 5 Pro icons library, with all its icons and icon styles, whereas Zephyr only provides access to Font Awesome 5 Free icons library. 
  • Impreza comes with over 50 (and growing) pre-built demo sites that you can use. Zephyr includes one demo site.
  • Impreza uses "Font Awesome" icons by default in elements controls (like prev/next arrows). Zephyr uses "Material" icons instead.

How to prevent horizontal scrolling of a page on iPad / Safari desktop? #

There are three different ways to fix that:

1. Turn on the Live Builder and Columns Layout via CSS grid options in Theme Options > Advanced

2. Add the following custom CSS in Theme Options > Custom Code:

/* prevent horizontal scrolling for full-width Rows */
.l-section.width_full { overflow: hidden; }

3. Add the following custom CSS in Theme Options > Custom Code:

/* prevent horizontal scrolling on iPad */
html.touch .l-canvas { overflow: hidden; }

This code will work for iPads only. Note that your Sticky Rows can't work on iPads in this case.

How to disable loading fonts from Google? #

The common reasons for the fonts loading from Google are:  

  1. Theme Options > Typography. Open typography settings and make sure that there are no Google fonts specified for the regular text and all the headings. Make sure you're not using any "Additional Google Fonts" too. If you need Google Fonts on your website, you can upload them manually as "woff" and "woff2" files.
  2. Google Maps / YouTube / Google Captcha. These elements use iframes and load fonts from Google servers there by default. To prevent this, you can use third-party plugins, like Borlabs Cookie, to block iframe loading until the visitor gives direct consent.