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How to change the background to any other color of those social icons? 54 mins ago Simon 63
Facebook Share not pulling image 3 hours ago Denis 11
Cart for Services 4 hours ago Cris · La Webería 55
activation 6 hours ago ehauscl 1
Smooth Scroll Duration in Theme Options 6 hours ago Jason Ryan 102
Grid filters visible when not existing 7 hours ago Demian 57
JS file override 7 hours ago Denis 64
Issue with Impreza Theme .Zip Installation File 8 hours ago Aleksandr G. 2
Clients logos move on hover 9 hours ago Aleksandr G. 1
Select own page template for category 9 hours ago Aleksandr G. 64
Zoom out an image when load the page 11 hours ago Simon 63
WPBakery & Upsolution 11 hours ago Aleksandr G. 1
Line on the bottom of modul resolved 12 hours ago merjakoriseva 168
Error sending message in form resolved 13 hours ago Iván Campillo 14
WPML autotranslation resolved 13 hours ago merjakoriseva 168
Video element: AutoStart YouTube on page load resolved 15 hours ago Artem 17
Login and registration form in tabs. 16 hours ago Artem 6
Mobile theme filters don't work resolved 1 day ago Aleksandr G. 64
Delivery to another address 1 day ago Denis 1
Billing adress 1 day ago Denis 1
Default sorting on first value. 1 day ago Buro Bedenkt 90
How to insert an custom text field in a page template? 1 day ago Artem 2
Subscription Form 2 days ago Denis 1
Grid filters showing all filters. Need to show the Query in Grid element 2 days ago Denis 18
Logo Problem 2 days ago Aleksandr G. 1
Update failed: 500 Internal Server Error@media (prefers-color-scheme:dark) resolved 2 days ago adminu53 2
Updating to PHP 8.2 breaks UpSolution Core resolved 2 days ago Artem 3
Nav bar border radius resolved 2 days ago Aleksandr G. 1
map not working 2 days ago Aleksandr G. 219
Grid filter just for Child category 2 days ago Artem 18
Create a user page 2 days ago Aleksandr G. 29
Upsolution Core Plugin not working correctly 2 days ago Artem 67
ERROR 404 display message on PORTFOLIO and POSTS 2 days ago Artem 1
Add reCaptcha 2 days ago matandi 1926
Live search items in a Grid 3 days ago Stefan 3995
Images smaller resolved 5 days ago Denis 1
Can't install WPBakery or update UpSolution Core plugins resolved 5 days ago Denis 8
ACF question resolved 5 days ago Denis 219
Border on image overlay media grid resolved 5 days ago Aleksandr G. 64
Theme options panel not working resolved 5 days ago albe67 99
WSOD due to new Version of UpSolutionCore Plugin 8.24.2 resolved 5 days ago Aleksandr G. 1
My header images are not displayed resolved 5 days ago Artem 42
old but good HTML image maps resolved 5 days ago Denis 2
Number Range filter resolved 5 days ago Stefan Oosterbaan 64
Problem with fontawesome icons resolved 5 days ago merjakoriseva 168
Number of Items in Basket Icon Moved resolved 6 days ago Ian Hooper 55
How to disabe wpbakery notices? resolved 6 days ago ImpalerPLM 4
Removing a Prebuilt Website and Starting Fresh with a New Theme resolved 6 days ago Denis 1
DSGVO and ComplianZ plugin resolved 6 days ago Aleksandr K 90
Apply different color scheme to a single page resolved 6 days ago advarte - Fabio 6