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Grid / Order by 4 years ago Mirek 36
Add ability to filter by "In Stock" and "Out of Stock" products 2 years ago Alex 36
Image popup / Content template 4 years ago Mirek 35
Support for BuddyPress
8 years ago tiago01 35
Increase number of badges on products 7 years ago vendotec 33
Order of categories (in portfolio filter and side bar widget) 6 years ago ulkacurl 31
Search in taxonomies 4 years ago ulkacurl 31
Dynamic Breadcrumbs 4 years ago Mirek 30
Page Template header 4 years ago Mirek 29
Lightbox mobile swipe 5 years ago Mirek 29
Save Headers/Grid Layouts Templates 5 years ago Mirek 29
Add more colour schemes 6 years ago joblette 29
AMP/Mobile Swipe/Elementor 4 years ago Mirek 29
Change header bg/font color with mouseover UX 5 years ago Mirek 29
More Side Menu/Vertical Options 7 years ago cashmash 26
Add Image Featured option in "Image" Visual Composer. 5 years ago sitemaxgomes 26
Enable Sticky Header for portrait/landscape modes 7 years ago Aleksandr K 25
Display ACF related posts in grid 4 years ago janniklindgren 25
page layout on archive pages 2 years ago DarraghKerriganCreative 24
'Custom appearance in grid' for content teplates 2 years ago DarraghKerriganCreative 24
Simple Slider for Background Images of Row 7 years ago alexbabwa 24
Terms of selected taxonomy - Order items quantity 2 years ago DarraghKerriganCreative 24
element design > custom animation 2 years ago DarraghKerriganCreative 24
theme options > Custom Code Accordion 3 days ago DarraghKerriganCreative 24
open item's gallery in a pop up 6 years ago CAGN 22
Toast dialogs and button's tooltips 8 years ago abdelhadibenlaredj 19
Compatibility with WP-Rocket 3 years ago jiripik 18
Support for Adobe Edge Web fonts 4 years ago ChristianAlfredsson 17
Vertical and horizontal parallax effects for all elements 1 year ago Klaas_Jan 16
Allow disabling the SKYPE_TOOLBAR meta tag 5 years ago Megaputer Intelligence Website 15
Material Design Animation in Header Menu 8 years ago DQ87 15
Star rating for posts 8 years ago DQ87 14
Creating table 7 years ago amkillshot 14
Sorting menu items in Dropdown Settings 4 years ago Pixelzon 13
Implement Elementor Page Builder 7 years ago gOmpe 13
BLOGLOVIN' as social icon 7 years ago DQ87 12
DOWN ARROW ON MAIN MENU 4 years ago batfink76 10
Hide shortcodes from search results without resorting to excerpts for pages. 6 years ago Nord SEO 9
Different Images on Different Devices 5 years ago WindsorBrokers 9
Portfolio Navigation with "back to main" bottom 8 years ago derkrammer 9
Option to choose what image size to display in lightbox 4 years ago Nord SEO 9
Widget in Header 5 years ago cathys8780 9
Image with 2 buttons when you select the image 8 years ago Anders Orozco 8
Preview of Theme settings 7 years ago xannasavin 8
YouTube Playlist Customisation 8 years ago Anders Orozco 8
Magnifier Zoom in Photos and Photo Galleries 8 years ago Anders Orozco 8
Improve "Header Initial Position" options 7 years ago Kris Fannin 8
Blog Page Element Ordering by Most Popular Posts 7 years ago emelgokmen 8
Create a page template that slideshow by auto adding new pictures upload in a wp folder or by WP/LR 7 years ago glecire 7
Sticky tabs in Tour Elements 8 years ago Ivan 6