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Add a Card Element to be used as a VC Module 2 years ago Mmanriquezdg 189
Re-Captcha support comment form 5 years ago Rahul Mukherjee 156
Material floating action button 7 years ago Panayotis 155
Display Users within Grid & Carousel Elements 3 years ago Alex 130
Add mobile support for sticky sections 2 years ago RubenDigitalMediaLLC 118
ACF Repeatable field support 1 year ago Shane Holloman 117
Grid carousel thumbnail display 3 years ago Jellit 116
Style Switch (for example Dark Mode) 6 years ago PaperYoshi 109
Fixed sidebar like your vote panel
8 years ago Ivan 103
Ability to disable/configure CodeMirror
3 years ago AG 94
Reverse menu background order (image/gradient)
2 years ago AG 94
Improved UX on full screen version of mobile menu / search
4 years ago AG 94
CSS classes on Section Templates
5 months ago AG 94
Add blog grid layout template 5 years ago Jellit 86
Vertical Timeline request 2 years ago ulkacurl 82
Tour / Tab Element headline markup 1 year ago Omed123 77
Customizable Email in Zephyr form 3 years ago alligatorsnc 77
Tab navigation through external button under Tabs 8 years ago Ivan 75
Allow VC Button to accept HTML tags in title like break 2 years ago DarraghKerriganCreative 75
Custom header in pages/archives layout 2 years ago DarraghKerriganCreative 75
Save contactform messages in WordPress back-end 5 years ago Jellit 75
responsive grid 2 years ago DarraghKerriganCreative 75
Lightbox mobile swipe 6 years ago wlosit 73
Changing mobile menu color separatly 5 years ago Merkmonster 70
Updating Google Maps API 3 years ago RubenDigitalMediaLLC 67
Default category of portfolio grid as a url param 6 years ago jonatasrenan 65
Style of the Grid filter as buttons 1 year ago Farbwechsel 62
Switch between Light mode and Dark mode 5 months ago niklasveenhuis 62
Customize "Number of posts in the current term". 4 months ago niklasveenhuis 62
CPT Base URL Breadcrumb Support 3 years ago Nord SEO 60
Add hover to IconBox Settings 4 years ago Matt 59
Comment box with Spam protection 8 years ago Ivan 57
Custom color label for category in grid 3 years ago StudioAssociatoSalesPerformance 54
Posiblility to include image in tab selector 6 years ago Nextelsa 52
Assign Icons, Images, and Colors to Categories and Tags in The WordPress Backend 4 years ago aandinaweb 52
Position and size for Background Sliders 3 years ago Mmanriquezdg 51
Meow Gallery compatibility 5 years ago Jellit 50
WooCommerce elements integration Grid layouts 5 years ago Jellit 50
Social share icon Grid element 4 years ago Jellit 49
Lightbox options 7 years ago root84 45
Support of Wide screen for iPhone X Landscape 4 years ago Jellit 43
Possibility to add page block to grid layout element 4 years ago Jellit 43
(Custom) taxonomie support for (custom) post types 3 years ago Jellit 43
Items with the same taxonomy of current post 4 years ago Jellit 43
Re-add product count shop page 4 years ago Jellit 43
Toolset integration 4 years ago Jellit 43
WooCommerce - Category Content Template - Apply to all children 3 years ago Alex 36
WooCommerce Add Option "Exclude Sale Items" 3 years ago Alex 36
WooCommerce Product Content Template Gallery options 3 years ago Ivan 36
Grid Layout - Display as A-Z Grid 3 years ago Ivan 36