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How to customize the "Order Received" page

Order Received is a "Thank You" page, showing when a customer successfully finished the checkout process. WooCommerce has the default built-in template for it:

How to customize the "Order Received" page #

You can customize the Order Received page by creating a Content Template and assigning it at Zephyr > Theme Options > Shop > Orders

You can add any elements to that Content template. To show the order-related data use the Order details element.

Order details element #

This element shows the order-related data and is available in both WPBakery and Live builders when you edit a Content template.

This element can show one of the following data:

  • Order Number - shows the basic information about the order, including the number, date, customer email, total price, and selected payment method. You can customize its appearance by choosing one of the predefined Style options.
  • Payment method: Instructions - shows the text of instructions for the chosen payment method. Read below how to edit that text.
  • Order details - shows the:
    • Order details table - ordered products, the subtotal, the shipping cost, the payment method, and the total price
    • Billing address - customer data (name, address, phone number, email)
    • Shipping address - is showing when it differs from the billing address

You can add the Order details element multiple times to show several blocks at a time. Also, you can apply Design settings for every other element.

How to edit payment instructions #

You can edit payment instructions for every payment method separately. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Payments:

Order Received page examples #

Example 1. Fashion Shop

Example 2. Beauty Shop

Example 3. Simple Shop