CodeLights is a plugin, which provides very flexible content elements and WordPress widgets. You can view all available elements and its demo examples on

Zephyr has a built-in support for CodeLights plugin including compatibility with WPBakery Page Builder and accordance with theme styling.

How to install CodeLights plugin? #

CodeLights is distributed as a theme addon, so you can install it on Addons page.

Also, CodeLights is available for free download on WordPress Plugin Directory.

How to use CodeLights elements? #

The easiest way to use CodeLigts elements is using WPBakery Page Builder. All CodeLights elements are available at the relevant tab when adding an element to a page:


You can customize every element through its Settings window (like for any other WPBakery Page Builder element):


How to use CodeLights widgets? #

All CodeLights elements are also available as WordPress widgets on the relevant page:


So you can easily add/edit/remove CodeLights widgets through theme widget areas.

Also, it's possible to manage all widgets via WordPress Customizer: