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Video Player Element

Video Player is used to play a specified video. It is available in:

  • Live Builder
  • WPBakery Page Builder

Check Video Player examples

General settings #

  • Video Link — specify the link to the needed video. It supports links to YouTube, Vimeo, and other services, check the full list of supported services and formats on WordPress Codex. It's possible to set up a dynamic value via {{custom_field_name}}. Check how to use custom fields in elements.
  • Hide YouTube controls while watching
  • Hide Vimeo video title (only if the owner allows)
  • Aspect Ratio — select a ratio of the Video Player's width to its height
  • Video Alignment — will align the video, when you set the specific width in the element' Design > Sizes settings
  • Image Overlay — set a custom image, which covers the video itself, and allows to show the "play" circle button in the middle
  • Show Play icon — enables the "play" circle button in the middle. Only available when the Image Overlay is set. Click on that button will hide the image and will start playing the video
    • Background Color — set a color of the button circle
    • Icon Color — set a color of the "triangle" icon inside the button
    • Icon Size — set a size of the button witn any CSS units. It will be applied as a font-size

Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) support #

Video Player element supports the following ACF field types:

  • Url
  • oEmbed

When any of this fields are exist, the "Show" option is shown in General settings, and you're able to select the relevant fields:

Design settings #

All Design settings are the same for all elements. Read the article.