Theme Modules #

Turn ON the switch to enable the corresponding feature. If you don't use this feature on your site, turn the switcher OFF.


Global Values #

Google Maps API Key #

This API key is required for all domains, read about API keys.

Website Performance #


Keep "http/https" in the paths to files #

Turn ON the switch to keep "HTTP" or "HTTPS" in the paths to JS, CSS, and font files. This reduces server redirects and improves overall site performance.

If your site uses both HTTP and HTTPS protocols, turn OFF the switch to strip "HTTP" and "HTTPS" from the paths to JS, CSS, and font files for better compatibility with caching plugins. This will add redirects and can increase server load.

Use modern jQuery library #

When this option is ON, the latest version of jQuery will be used instead of the one that comes with WordPress. This will improve page loading speed. But might be incompatible with 3rd party plugins so should be tested on each site separately.

Disable jQuery migrate script #

Turn ON the switch to disable jquery-migrate.min.js library that used by WordPress for backward compatibility with older jQuery versions. This will improve page loading speed. If you are experiencing JavaScript errors due to the usage of deprecated jQuery functions, turn OFF the switch.

Move jQuery scripts to the footer #

Turn ON the switch to set default WordPress jQuery scripts to be loaded after the page content. This will improve page loading speed. If you are experiencing JavaScript errors, turn OFF the switch to load the jQuery library within the <head></head> section.

Dynamically load theme JS components #

Turn ON the switch to set Impreza theme JavaScript files (gmaps.min.js, jquery.isotope.js, jquery.magnific-popup.js, jquery.royalslider.min.js, owl.carousel.min.js) to be loaded dynamically via AJAX XHR Request and if they are requested by particular elements, without additional external requests. This will improve page loading speed, and SEO ranking as well. If you need these components to be loaded via usual requests, turn OFF the switch, which can be useful in the case of JavaScript customizations.

Disable extra features of WPBakery Page Builder #

Turn ON the switch to disable the next elements to improve the loading speed:

  • Section
  • Icon
  • Facebook Like
  • Twitterme Button
  • Google+ Button
  • Pinterest
  • FAQ
  • Pageable Container
  • VC Button
  • Posts Slider
  • Flickr Widget
  • VC Progress Bar
  • Pie Chart
  • Post Grid
  • Media Grid
  • Post Masonry Grid
  • Masonry Media Grid
  • Gutenberg Editor
  • Advanced Custom Field
  • Product
  • Products
  • Product category
  • Product categories
  • Top Rated Products
  • Best Selling Products
  • Recent products
  • Featured products
  • Sale products

Turn OFF the switch to enable thesecontent elements of WPBakery Page Builder. Those features will load additional JS and CSS files on every site page so it will reduce pages loading speed.

Optimize JS and CSS size #

Turn ON the switch to load single CSS and JS files. Files will be located in directory. Disable unused components to reduce file sizes. This will improve pages loading speed.

Auto Optimize #

Click the button to automatically check/uncheck certain boxes depending on the components and settings used on the website.


Turn OFF the switch to store Theme Options code inside <head></head> section of HTML structure of every site page

Merge Google Fonts styles into single CSS file #

Turn ON the switch (available when the "Optimize JS and CSS size is turned ON") to include Google Fonts CSS in the Theme Options CSS file. If you need Google Fonts to be loaded as a separate file, turn OFF the switch.

The code is always minified and being generated each time you click the "Save Changes" button.