Row / Section

Click "Pencil" icon to edit Row Settings:


General tab #

Row Height #

Equals the content height1513.jpg





Full Screen1516.jpg

Row Content Position #

When the row is Full Screen, change content vertical placement to Middle, Bottom or leave the default Top value

Full Width Content #

Select this checkbox to stretch content to the full width.

Default row width:


Full width row:


Row Color Style #

Select one of 6 predefined color styles or set up custom colors at the Design tab.

Background Image #

You can set a custom section background image or leave it empty.

Show on background #

Video #

Upload your video file to WordPress Media Library, and add a link to the corresponding field, alternatively, add a Youtube/Vimeo link.

Video Backgrounds have several limitations:

  1. Youtube background won't autoplay on mobile devices except (iPad OS 13) it's an Apply policy
  2. Vimeo backgrounds play on mobiles but the autoplay feature depends on particular devices, so it might be disabled by device manufacturer at any time
  3. Self-hosted video plays on Android devices but doesn't play automatically on iPhones

Image Slider #

Select images from Media Library to make them slide in the background

Slider Revolution #

Select your Revolution Slider and it will be used as a background. Note that all slider controls won't be accessible when it's set as a background

Background Overlay #

Select overlay color and its opacity

Sticky Row #

You can set any row to be fixed at the top of a page during scroll, available on the screen width bigger than 900px.

Disable row #

Turn on this option to hide this row on the public side of your website.

Shape Divider tab #

Select shape position and one of the predefined forms from the list and apply the desired color, height, overlapping, or/and flipping.


Also, you may want to apply a custom shape, in this case, create a shape in vector editor and export it as an SVG file. Note that custom shapes won't take Color settings, so you need to apply colors directly in the vector editor.

Columns tab #

Columns Content Position #

All columns in a row have the equal height, when they are aligned by vertical (when Top, Middle or Bottom is chosen)

Additional Gap #

Set empty space between columns.


Add extra padding around columns content #

Improves the appearance of columns with background



With extra padding


Reverse order for columns stacking #

The last column will be shown on the top. Applied when the screen width is less than 768px

Design tab #

You might add an Extra CSS class, apply the desired background color, enter custom values for margins, borders, paddings, etc

Extra class name #

Set an extra class name for this row for CSS customization

Row ID #

This option is helpful to create a menu for one-page navigation.