Row / Section

Columns #

Impreza columns support two implementations:

  1. Flex CSS Layout
  2. Grid CSS Layout

The Flex layout is enabled by default and offers the next options:


To enable Grid layout go to Theme Options > Advanced and turn ON "Columns Layout via CSS grid" which appears only if the "Live Builder" is enabled:


Grid Layout offers the next options:


Columns Content Position #

All columns in a row have the equal height, when they are aligned by vertical (when Top, Middle, or Bottom is chosen)

Additional Gap #

Sets empty space between columns.


Gap betwewn columns #

Adds empty space between columns.

Add extra padding around columns content #

Improves the appearance of columns with background



With extra padding


Reverse order for columns stacking #

The last column will be shown on the top. Applied when the screen width is less than 768px